In Tenebrous (Darkness within)

Artist’s Statement

In Tenebrous (Latin for ‘darkness within’) is a conceptual portfolio containing eight images.

  • Wall
  • Tidal
  • Shadow
  • Weather
  • Eclipse
  • Woods
  • Release
  • Lost

Each image represents a different inner quality or frustration. They are not passing judgement nor a sympathy card, but simply a reflection of what is going on internally.

So often what concerns us is outward appearance. This is particularly true in photography where even modest beautifying adjustments are standard. However, I really wanted to reflect on the private inner face, a portrait of the spirit if you like. Sometimes it is visible sometimes it is not.

The images are framed almost entirely in black with illumination in the form of LED lights placed around the edges, as though casting light. The intention is that the images should be viewed in a dark space. I want the viewer to feel as though they are seeing something normally hidden or out of sight. This is a private exploration therefore each image calls for dignity and privacy.

I would hope that through photography I can start to show more things as they really are, no one is without their In Tenebrous.

January 2017


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