The third eye

I see the window as a barrier between the inner and outer worlds.

In dream interpretation buildings often represent the soul. The eye is also said to be a window to the soul. The window is the pathway through which light travels from outer to inner worlds.

It’s not just the window that separates inner and outer worlds, there is also the camera lens and then my physical eye. Eye, camera and window, each of these images has resulted in light having to travel through three layers.

As a photographer I capture frames and windows mostly when my inner world is in chaos or I am feeling low. There is a melancholy with these images, like the outer world is somehow locked away, out of reach, but that is ok. For the moment I am secure and protected. These images represent a reminder that the world continues to have blue sky somewhere.

As I Go Silently I occasionally take a  step back, reflect and take stock, whether it be to shelter from a storm or just be alone with my thoughts for a little while. To me these images are a reflection of my time spent seeing with my Third eye, a time when I needed to be was focused inwards but with a reminder that light would return.

The outer world continues to be beautiful until such time as I can go be with it again.


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