Amidst the Noise

Shopping centres, town centres, bustling streets and crowded roads. Love them/hate them where’s the peace in them?

Stop, sit a while. Go silently. The people around, their conversations, the coming and goings. The community is suddenly a lot smaller. People are no longer invisible they have features and characters, the same faces pass more than once and they all have a story.

I watched an older lady showing a photo album to her friends in a cafe.  After the friends left and she walked past to leave  I asked what was in the photo book. She sat down and showed me. We chatted for about an hour after closing that book.

 I’m a regular around London. Being a ‘northerner’ I do actually make eye contact, and sometimes, even make conversation. Daring! Seriously though even in the busiest and unfriendliest of places there is a way to feel and be different other than head down.

Amidst the noise a connection is made. A smile, a comment, an observation.  Amidst the noise we can hear a single voice and a single story, if we Go Silently.


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